Farzin Gharahgozloo (Born 1980 In Tehran) Is a Persian Musician And Composer. As a Young Child He Began To Play And Learn Piano And Music Theory At The Age Of 6 And Continued It In The “Tehran Center For Preservation & dissemination of Music”. Initially He Turned to Electronic Music And Compose His First Album “ULTRAMUNDANE” in 1994, This Way Follows With Composing “POSITRON” Album in 1995 And “EMPYREAL” Album In 1996 And “QUANTUM” Album in 1997 (Those years in Iran, the Requirements For the Release of Those Albums Was Not Provided And They Did Not Get Release Permit From Ministry of Culture And Islamic Guidance). He Composed His First Theater Music For “Death & Metaphor” Theater, Directed By Reza Keshavarz in 1997. He Complete His Music Education in Sweden in “Royal College of Music in Stockholm” And Returned to Iran. In the Field of Film Music He Works With Legend Director“Masoud Kimiyaee” in “The Boss” (Raees) (2006) & “Trial in The Street” (2008) Movies. His Music For The (2015) “Buried Alive” Movie Directed By “Ali Jenab” Won Best Score “Golden Jasmine” in The Third Jasmine International Film Festival. Also His Music For The (2019) “Darkhungah” Movie Directed By “Siavash Asadi” Nominated For Best Score in The Twentieth Hafez International Film Festival. Farzin Gharahgozloo is Member of Persian Cinema Composers
Association And Worked on More Than 30 Films & Series …


1. Won The Academy Award For Best Original Score ( Golden Jasmine in The Third Jasmine International Film Festival ) For “Buried Alive” Movie Directed By “Ali Jenab” Year 2015 .

2. Nominated The Academy Award For Best Original Score ( Honorary Diploma in Twentieth Hafez International Film Festival ) For “Darkhungah” Movie Directed By “Siavash Asadi”  Year 2019 .



One of My Most Important Desires in Music is to Integrate & Link Different Cultures, Nationalities, Styles & Worlds Musical Instruments Together to Create New Feeling & Different Music.

(In “Desert Tree” Piece, Kamancheh Melody Which is a Traditional Iranian Instrument is Combined With the Harmony of Classical Strings Instruments, Has Created a Different Sad Feeling. This Piece Composed & Dedicated For Respect From Farzin Gharahgozloo to the Soul of the Master  Iranian Singing Great “Mohammad Reza Shajaryan”.)


“Persepolis” is Historical Orchestral Piece That Accompanies You on a Journey Inside With Sudden & Continuous Changes in Music Structure & Arrangement.

( In This Video A Poem By “Seif Farghani” , One of the Iranian Poets of the 13th & 14th Centuries, Written About the Tyranny of the Rulers Over the People, is Shown on the Picture. )

⊕ Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It is situated in the plains of Marvdasht, encircled by southern Zagros mountains of Iran.




Positron Album Cover Front

POSITRON (1995) / Cover Front

Quantum Album Cover Front

QUANTUM (1997) / Cover Front

Ultramundane Album Cover Front

ULTRAMUNDANE (1994) / Cover Front

Empyreal Album Cover Front B

EMPYREAL (1996) / Cover Front

Enlightenment Album Cover Front

ENLIGHTENMENT (2003) / Cover Front

Positron Album Cover Back (With Logo)

POSITRON (1995) / Cover Back

Quantum Album Cover Back (With Logo)

QUANTUM (1997) / Cover Back

Ultramundane Album Cover Back (With Logo)

ULTRAMUNDANE (1994) / Cover Back

Empyreal Album Cover Back (With Logo)

EMPYREAL (1996) / Cover Back

Enlightenment Album Cover Back (With Logo)

ENLIGHTENMENT (2003) / Cover Back


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